Wednesday, 15 January 2020

COC Free account: Clash of clan account

COC Free Account: Clash of clans

Clash of clans free account

The new Clash of the Clans free account offer is proving to be a runaway success for the game's developers. Once reserved for the highest level players, Clash of Clans is now found by a broader audience and actually made a convincing success from its first couple of months in the market. This is also the reason why you will get to enjoy this game's free account games while everyone else is busy already using in the cache mode.
In case you have not heard about the game, Clash of Clans is a well-designed action game developed by Supercell with the aim of giving its users a real-time fighting game experience with the company's very own style. You play the role of one of the sixteen factions in the game. This includes Vikings, French, Hanseatic League, Saracens, Suebian League, British Isles, Americans, Korean and Mongolian. The game is truly strategy-oriented with lots of special and unique character features to help you make the most of the game.
There are a number of games online that have allowed their characters to create their own unique hero or personality, but nothing comes close to the character features. You can create your own equipment, spells, traits and can even build your own town and enter multiplayer battles for the sheer fun of it.

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Once you get used to the Clash of the Clans free account game, you will soon find yourself not caring anymore about making money from it. Once you are familiar with all the game's advanced features, you will soon be able to enhance the character and equip it as you would in real life.
You can even customize your skill points and go for a special in-game exchange system that involves the right to earn a certain amount of extra bonuses with the right to use the left inventory to equip and build new weapons and armor, a skill point distribution option and you can even participate in the online multiplayer battle tournaments with real players and compete with them. With these three options, you can choose how to customize your character. You can even make it up with trading goods and buy things from other players as well.
One other enticing feature of Clash of Clans free account games is the world map itself. Once you enter the village of your faction, you can see the whole map. You can set the distance at which the forest will be safe for the next battle, choose the paths you will fight on and lay down the spawn points.
There are also maps with actual villages and towns, some with ranged weapons and the rest with melee combat. This allows you to defend your town from some of the enemies and also to defend your villages from others. You can even set the defensive tower at the most desirable areas and the path of the lines.
Aside from these features, there are also some additional features to choose from. You can set a sign to display other players in the village, give them benefits and throw parties for them. You can even take over buildings and give gifts for extra quests.
In case you want to get more, you can get a league system where the players will be ranked according to their ability. They can then go up by gaining a rank that can be obtained by making bets. This, in turn, can bring you more bonuses in the form of trades, items, and gold.
Of course, you will be able to enjoy many new free account games and other possible features when you join a new clan. You can even open up the battle arena in the lobby to show your skills and participate in community-oriented events with other clans.
So, if you have been enjoying Clash of Clans now, do not waste the money you have saved for this game. With its new free account offer, you can try out the entire game and play it in the cache mode at the same time!