Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Selenium Testing Automation - What is selenium

Selenium Testing Automation - What is selenium?

Selenium has become one of the most powerful tool for testing web applications so how does selenium help so we saw all the T merits of manual testing so we can save by automation of test cases one selenium helps in speedy execution of test cases since manual execution is avoided the results are more accurate no human errors since your test cases are automated human resources required to execute automated test cases is far less than manual testing because of that there is a lesser investment in human resources it saves time and you know time is money its cost effective as selenium is an open source it is available free of cost early time to market since you save effort and time on manual execution your clients will be more as you would be able to ship your product pretty fast lastly since your test cases are automated you can rerun them any point of time and as many times as required.

Selenium tool offers so many benefits we definitely want to know more detail about what selenium is selenium enables us to test web applications on all kind of browsers like Internet Explorer Chrome Firefox Safari edge opera and even the headless browser selenium is an open source and it is platform independent the biggest reason why people are preferring this tool is because it is free of cost and the qtp and the rfp which we talked about are chargeable selenium is a set of tools and libraries to facilitate the automation of web application as I said it is not a single tool it has multiple components which we'll be seeing in detail in some time and all these tools together help us test the web application you can run selenium scripts on any platform it is platform independent why because it is primarily developed in JavaScript it's very common for manual testers not to have in-depth programming knowledge so selenium has this record and replay back tool called the selenium IDE which can be used to create a set of actions as a script and you can replay the script back however this is mainly used for demo purposes
only because selenium is such a powerful tool that you should be able to take full advantage of all its features

  • Selenium provides support for different

  • programming languages like Java Python, c-sharp Ruby so you can write your test scripts in any language you like one.

  • Need not know in-depth or advanced knowledge of these languages also

  • Selenium supports different operating systems it has suppose for Windows, Linux and ubuntu.

Selenium is the most popular and widely used automation tools for automating your web applications selenium set of tools.As you know every tool has its own limitation so does selenium has

  • Cannot test mobile applications requires framework like APM.however what selenium provides is a support for integrating this APM tool which is nothing but a mobile application automation tool and using APM and selenium you can still achieve mobile application automation
  • Webdriver we can achieve only sequential execution.
  • selenium webdriver has a limited reporting capability it can create basic reports but what we definitely need us a more so it does support some tools like say extent reports.

selenium automation testing

Programming language it supports to write effective automation scripts. So this you could look at it as an advantage or disadvantage so overall if you look at all this selenium still provides a complete solution for our automation meet and that is why we can still say that selenium is one of the most popular tool used in the industry today for your web application. Automation all right key takeaways so overall in this article we saw the disadvantages of manual testing what pushed us to look at automation and then we saw one of the most powerfull tool available today for automating web application that is selenium.