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JAVA Logo: History and Explanation

JAVA Logo: History and Explanation

What is JAVA?

Java is a programming language it is simply one more programming language so what is uncommon about it Java contains broad libraries when you introduce Java or JDK it accompanies classes that can be utilized to accomplish an assortment of things you can utilize Java to make web applications you can likewise utilize it to make work area applications. Java was platform-independent language whose goal was to write code once and run anywhere you don't need to compile your source code, again and again, write once and just use the software's on any machine like Mac Linux Windows or any other operating system.

JAVA History

Java was not initially named as Java it was begun as a green project and began in 1991. Then the task got changed and got his name as oak there's a piece history about this name to the engineers may state that that the designers who initially made the Java were seeing loads of oak tree in their environment and that is the reason the venture was named as oak. Yet again the history got shaped out and the undertaking was named to Java maybe with a great deal of coffee that the designers were drinking and who realizes what the fact of the matter is yet it's being a legend out there and I accept that it's a reality out there then there was a first open discharge in 1995 and this was the first Java that turned out into the world. Therefore java logo is a coffee cup and you can find the logo on the internet with java logo png.

JAVA was initially created at Sun Microsystems in 1991 they needed to build up a programming language for little gadgets like TVs, VCRs, toasters and their objective was to make a compact little programming language initially the language was known as oak. it was discharged as Java in 1995 when Java was first discharged its designers composed a paper a white paper legitimizing another programming language you realize for what reason do we have to become familiar with another programming language and in that white paper they depicted Java as straightforward item arranged disseminated translated strong secure building impartial convenient superior multi-strung and dynamic language.


Java is certainly a basic programming language it is unquestionably simple, to begin with. it offers all the usefulness of C++. The once in a while utilized befuddling highlights of C++ the quantity of language builds is little contrasted with most other programming dialects and they chose to evacuate a portion of the highlights of C++ like pointers, structs, type, def. So Java doesn't have a pointers, not the manner in which they are actualized in C++, at any rate, there is no compelling reason to free memory in the event that you need to make an article in Java feel free to do so when you are finished with it you can simply forget about it there is no compelling reason to stress over expelling that item from memory.

Java doesn't bolster different legacy the main significant programming language that supports various legacy in C++ and they found dependent on the exploration that they did that by evacuating these highlights it chops down it might chop down half of the most widely recognized bugs that happen in C++.Java is object-oriented Java is a purely object-oriented programming language unlike C++ which only supports object orientation Java is considered a distributed programming language it has extensive support for TCP/IP and networking capabilities it also contains library routines for HTTP FTP protocols.

Java provides array bounds checking exception handling and bytecode verification all of these features make Java very robust. Java is also secure it's a very secure programming language it does not have any low-level functions file access can be programmatically restricted and when you run the code the interpreter verifies the bytecode.