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Selenium with cucumber interview questions

Selenium with cucumber interview questions

Cucumber Interview Questions

This tutorial would be very useful for all the selenium automation tester out there who are planning to switch to another company or actively looking for a job change. As we all know that selenium skills is rising over the past couple of years and it has become difficult to crack interview with the increase in competition in this skill. We would be discussing few of interview questions on selenium which interviewer most of the time seeks the interviewee to answer. We have few selenium interview questions that will help in preparing for interview

That's why the easiest way to crack any interview is preparation. As selenium or automation testing is skill set that is required by maximum of the organization because of it being open-source, free and support of different programming language like java, c# , Ruby or perl. Now lets have a look on automation test interview questions which are frequently asked in any QA automation interview.

Automation testing interview questions in selenium

1. Explain Framework used in selenium ?

This is most frequent as well as most important question asked to qa automation engineer. This question should be prepared at best when preparing for automation test interview. This answer will totally depends on framework used in your current project which can be cucumber,POM(Page object model) or using TestNG testing tool.

Answer to this question should start with explaining the framework which includes project structure (may vary if using POM or cucumber), packages names, page object java files, locators source file, reporting tool used etc.

For Page object model this must be explained as we are using page object model design pattern in current project with page factory. We have stored web element locators with xpath and css selectors in a separate file under a package name "locators". We write test case in separate file where we use the paths and execute the case using TestNG.

For automation engineers who are using Cucumber testing tool in project they need to explain it in a way that they are creating feature file, step definition file and page object file in separate packages and then running the feature file with runner class by providing tag in the class and adding it to the scenario in feature file. This need to be elaborate and in detailed way so interviewer gets confidence that you are a genuine resource with good hands on experience.

2. How to handle dynamic table in web page or web application.

This question is also frequently asked that how can we handle dynamic table in selenium. Interviewer intention would only to be see the approach we are using to validate the table. For answer please visit this post handle dynamic table in web page.

3. How to upload file using selenium automation tool?

This is also frequently asked in test automation interview questions, We can upload file using two method in selenium WebDriver by upload file in selenium webdriver using sendkeys and selenium webdriver using AutoIt. For more info visit this - Uplaod file in selenium

4. What is data driven testing and how to achieve?

Data driven means fetching the data from the excel sheet which we can use as test data. Instead of implicitly writing test data in the scripts it is always a better approach to keep the test data to excel sheet and fetch it using Apache POI API. For more information visit - Data driven in selenium

5. What is selenium IDE and how is it different from selenium grid?

This software testing interview question is asked just to check if we are aware of types of testing tools such as selenium IDE, selenium RC and selenium grid.

Selenium IDE is an Integrated development environment for selenium testing tool. It allow us to edit,record and debug a test. It is only available in Firefox extension. It includes entire selenium core whereas selenium grid is part of selenium suite which is used to run multiple test in multiple browser at a same time. For more information go to : what is selenium IDE

6. How to capture screenshot in selenium webdriver?

Taking screenshots as an evidence of successful test run or in case of failure is very important. This shows that the test case is passed or failed in a steps. This question need to be prepared as a testing interview automation question. Screenshots in selenium can be taken by typecasting web driver instance to TakeScreenshot. For more info check : Take Screenshot in selenium webdriver

7. What are major advantages of cucumber framework?

Cucumber uses BDD approach helps in building a bridge of communication between the IT developers and business or clients. There are many advantages of cucumber tool few of them are mentioned below:

  • Cucumber is open source which gains interest of business.
  • Communication gap between IT folks and business is reduced which helps in delivering quality applications.
  • It is written in plain English which make it easier for everyone to understand the scenario.
  • Automation scripts are easier to maintain as well.

We will be posting more QA automation interview questions in website soon.